ji study on dephosphorization technology for high phosphorus


Growth of 2D black phosphorus film from chemical vapor

 · Early studies carried out by Bridgman suggested the only possible synthetic route to BP was under controlled temperatures and high pressures [13, 24]. However, moderately low pressure and temperature conditions with red phosphorus powder in the presence of a mineralizing agent have produced bulk BP [ 25 – 27 ].

Strong adsorption of phosphate by

 · Phosphorus removal is a crucial aspect of controlling water pollution and eutrophication. In this study, the preparation of lanthanum carbonate (LC) nano-adsorbents for the efficient removal of phosphate (P) from water and wastewater was investigated. Results from XRD, SEM and Zeta potential analyses revealed that addition of magnesium ions and …

A Higher Education Action Research Study on the

 · Within higher education, ePortfolios have been demonstrated to enhance professional development and to promote critical thinking. In this context, one higher education level nine module, namely, the Professional Development Framework Portfolio module, was analysed. The module was piloted during the 2022-2022 academic year in one Irish Institute of …


Wang, Li*, D. Zhao, Ma, J. Yang, Dephosphorization of high phosphorus oolitic hematite by acid leaching and the leaching kinetics, Hydrometallurgy, 171 (2022) 61–68. 19. Yu Liu, Guangqiang Li *, Li Wang and Zhao Zhang, Effect of the Tundish Gunning Materials on the Steel Cleanliness, High Temperature Materials and Processes, DOI /htmp-2022-0137, …

Behavior of phosphorus enrichment in dephosphorization

 · At low basicity and low temperature, the dephosphorization behavior and phosphorus distribution ratio (LP) between slag and molten steel in the double slag and remaining slag process were studied with a 180 t basic oxygen furnace industrial experiment. The dephosphorization slags with different basicities were quantitatively …

Investigation of nitrogen and phosphorus contents in water

 · It can be seen from the presentation above that (i) the concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus in Sihe and Shendinghe Rivers are higher than those in other tributaries; (ii) TP, TN and DIN are in the forms of DTP, DTN and N O 3 −-N, respectively, in May, August and December; (iii) compared with nitrogen, phosphorus is more likely to be the limiting factor of …


ZHANG Jie%ZHOU Yuan-zheng%LI Dong%YANG Jie%ZHANG Jin-ku%JIANG Sha-sha%LU Jian. Study on Different Gradients of Sludge Retention Time and Selective Sludge Removal for Realizing Dephosphorization-Nitrosation System[J]. Journal of Beijing University of Technology, 2022, 41(4): 603-611.

International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and

The effect of CaCO3, Na2CO3, and CaF2 on the reduction roasting and magnetic separation of high-phosphorus iron ore containing phosphorus in the form of Fe3PO7 and apatite was investigated. The results revealed that Na2CO3 had the most significant effect on iron recovery and dephosphorization, followed by CaCO3, the effect of CaF2 was negligible.

Understanding phosphorus fertilizers

 · When producers pay special attention to managing phosphorus (P), it can lead to profitable crop production. The best way to use fertilizers to meet P requirements changes with crop, soil properties and environmental conditions. Finding the best P source Inorganic commercial P fertilizers have evolved over the last several decades into a refined, predictable …

Tostación y Separación Magnetica para Defosforación

Study on the mechanism of dephosphorization in roasting process for direct reduction of high-phosphorus oolitic hematite in West Hubei [J]. Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing, 2022, 32(8): 968974.

Total Value of Phosphorus Recovery

 · Phosphorus (P) is a critical, geographically concentrated, nonrenewable resource necessary to support global food production. In excess (, due to runoff or wastewater discharges), P is also a primary cause of eutrophication. To reconcile the simultaneous shortage and overabundance of P, lost P flows must be recovered and reused, alongside improvements …

Performance of Denitrifying Phosphorous Removal Process

[1] LUO Gu yuan, LUO Ning, JI Fang ying, XU Xiao yi (School of Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering, Chongqing University, Chongqing 400045, China), New Biological Denitrification Process with Two-Sludge for Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal, China Water & Wastewater, [2] Luo Guyuan et al, THE ANALYSIS OF SIMULTANEOUS DENITRIFYING …

Effect of Reduction Degree on

 · This study focused on the characterization of the self-formed slag when melting DRI produced by hydrogen reduction. The partitions of phosphorus and vanadium between slag and metal were related to the degree of reduction in the range of –%. The phases formed in the slag after melting were characterized.

Behavior of phosphorus enrichment in dephosphorization

International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials (IJMMM, ISSN 1674-4799, CN 11-5787/TF, monthly, started in 1994, formerly known as Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing) is an international journal devoted to publishing original research articles (and occasional invited reviews) on all aspects of minerals processing, physical metallurgy, …

Study of Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Wastewater in

This study investigates the level of wastewater pollution by analyzing its chemical characteristics at five wastewater collectors. Samples are collected before they discharge into the Danube during a monitoring campaign of two weeks. Organic and inorganic compounds, heavy metals, and biogenic compounds have been analyzed using potentiometric and spectrophotometric methods.

Crop Requirements & Nutrient Sources

Potatoes have high nutrient demands, as they require approximately 220 lb nitrogen (N), 30 lb phosphorus (P) and 300 lb potassium (K) per acre to produce a 450 cwt./acre yield of Russet Burbanks, a typical yield for southern Idaho.

Enrichment and Cultivation of Denitrifying Phosphorus

Enrichment and Cultivation of Denitrifying Phosphorus Removing Bacteria Jinlan Lian 1, a, Xing Jin 2,b* 1 School of Resources and Environmental Engineering,Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology, China 2 School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering,Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology, China a [email protected], b [email protected] Keywords: SBR; …

The phosphorus cycle

Phosphorus is a chemical element found on Earth in numerous compound forms, such as the phosphate ion (PO43-), located in water, soil and sediments. The quantities of phosphorus in soil are generally small, and this often limits plant growth. That is why people often apply phosphate fertilisers on farmland. Animals absorb phosphates by eating plants or plant-eating animals.

Review on the Development of New Technology of Biological

and dephosphorization processes such as Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor, Anaerobic ammonia (nitrogen) oxidation, Aerobic granular sludge + membrane technology are all developed on the basis of breaking the traditional biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal principle. New Technology of the Original Technology Improvement and Combination

Advances in Studies on Microbiota Involved in Nitrogen

 · Moreover, the SND process had been applied for the removal of phosphorus pollutants from municipal wastewater, showing the SND process is feasible in phosphorus removal (Salehi et al., 2022). Due to the requirements of proper DO and COD/N, the establishment of SND process and sustaining SND process at high efficiency and a stable …

journals on dephosphorization of iron ore

Ji Jun Study On Dephosphorization Technology For High. The effects of oxygen supply method and flux consumption on temperature drop during the dephosphorization process and efficiency of high phosphorus hot iron with about %() phosphorus were studied in results revealed that by using pure solid form oxygen the slag volume was big,temperature drop …

Introduction to Phosphorus Removal Study Guide

Higher flow rates associated with I/I can reduce the hydraulic detention time in the anaerobic selector. High flow rates can result in the loss of solids from the clarifiers. Introduction to Phosphorus Removal Study Guide - January 2022 …

Antarctic Krill ( Euphausia superba ) Oil: A

 · Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) oil has been receiving increasing attention due to its nutritional and functional, its application as a novel food ingredient has not yet been fully explored. This review summarizes the chemical composition, extraction technologies, potential health benefits, and current applications of krill oil, with the aim of …


Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research University of Technology Building and Construction Eng. Dep. DESIGEN OF WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT This Project is Submitted to the Building & Construction Department of the University of Technology in Partial Fulfillment for Degree of Bachelor in Building and Construction Engineering Preparation

The effects of chemical and organic fertilizer

 · In this study, we have used ICP-MS and high-throughput sequencing technology to determine the effects of organic and chemical fertilizers on bacterial taxa and heavy metals content in the rhizosphere of tea orchards. Herein we evaluated potential mechanisms of organic fertilizers application as a means to improve the quality of tea.

Oxidation-Resistant Black Phosphorus Enable Highly Ambient

Black phosphorus (BP) ranks among the most promising saturable absorber materials for ultrafast pulse generations at 2 μm. However, the easy-to-degrade characteristic of BP seriously limits the long-term operation of ultrafast fiber lasers and hence becomes a bottleneck for its relevant practical ap …

 · Feasibility study on dephosphorization technology for high phosphorus oolitic hmatite by direct reduction, Proceedings of Asia Steel International Conference 2022, Fukuoka, Japan May 9-11, 2022; [8] Xue Zhengliang, Li Zongqiang, Zhao Dongnan et al. Inclusion modification with calcium treatment to steel SPHD for CSP continuous casting, Proceedings of …

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